Flatfoot 56: Live at the Ottobar

I recently had the opportunity to see Flatfoot 56 perform at Baltimore’s Ottobar.  What a show; before the band took the stage at 10:00, the audience was treated to performances by Last Call Hooligans, Dead End Lane, and Ninety-Six Ghosts.  While entertaining, the shows were fairly low energy; The floor was practically empty, and everyone was dortContinue reading “Flatfoot 56: Live at the Ottobar”

Flatfoot 56: Odd Boat

Flatfoot Is an Irish Punk band, from Chicago, Illinois.  Though they’ve been active since 2000, 2010’s Black Thorn was their first truly popular record; their breakout, if you will.  Flatfoot is known for a couple of things.  #1: Their brand of head thrashing, foot stomping, bagpipe laden punk; and #2: a signature positive message, offeringContinue reading “Flatfoot 56: Odd Boat”