Why I Won’t Watch Watchmen

The best books are the ones you remember finishing.  Not just the ending, but where you were when you finally got there.  I finished Watchmen in band class, in my freshman year of high school.  The teacher was working with another section or something, and with just a chapter or two left to go, IContinue reading “Why I Won’t Watch Watchmen”

V For Vendetta – Book/Movie Review

V for Vendetta is originally a 1989 Graphic Novel, by Alan Moore and David Lloyd published by Vertigo comics, a branch of DC.  In 2006 the now classic was made in to a movie starring Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving, with and awesome script penned by the Wachowskis to boot.  Both works are considerably fantasticContinue reading “V For Vendetta – Book/Movie Review”