It’s been five years since Avengers came out in 2012.  While the Marvel Cinematic Universe is clearly still going strong, its entries have evolved; the films we are seeing now, are very different from the ones that kicked off the universe.  This series will probably contain some of my most personal blog posts, since many of the MCU movies are related to specific milestones in my growth as a cinephile.  These movies are what got me into movies, not just as something to watch but as an art form to study, and eventually to write about.  This is an examination, of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, after the hype has worn off, and the film’s actual merit is clearer.  This is a closer look at how the universe’s film making has progressed, and regressed over the years.  This is… MCU UNDER REVIEW.  

May 2, 2011 — Thor

“Watching Thor navigate earth for the first time is extremely comical, but seeing his story of redemption unfold is downright amazing. ”

MCU Under Review: Thor


July 19, 2011 — Captain America: First Avenger

“This film is by no means the best the franchise has to offer.”

MCU Under Review: Captain America


May 4, 2012 — The Avengers

“There is a certain magic, to seeing a unity of superhumans like this unfold from the very beginning.”

MCU Under Review: The Avengers