Jack White: Boarding House Reach

When you spend your free time like I do — mostly listening to music, speculating about music or watching videos where other people speculate about music — an album like this one tends to be quite a delight.  It’s especially enjoyable when something like this comes along, if you happen to have written a prettyContinue reading “Jack White: Boarding House Reach”

Judah And The Lion, Colony House, and Tall Heights

A couple of weeks ago, I went to see one of my favorite bands: Colony House at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C.  They weren’t really headlining, Judah and the Lion was.  I had never really given their music much of a shot — I’d heard a few of their songs on the radio and it kindContinue reading “Judah And The Lion, Colony House, and Tall Heights”

Doin’ it for the Culture

Since the inception of the rap genre it has been chock full of stereotypes, especially about the gritty streets.  While most other genres have veered far and wide with their lyric topics, hip-hop subject matter has stayed mostly the same.  Since Straight Outta Compton’s drug talk, murderous lyrics and casual misogyny, these things have been lyricalContinue reading “Doin’ it for the Culture”

Black Panther: A Spoiler Free Review

Hi, Ned here.  I’ve been trying to get Lee, my younger brother to write something on the site for quite some time now, and Black Panther seemed like the perfect place to start.  Enjoy his review! Lately, I have been reading the Black Panther comics. So, naturally, like plenty of other  people I was reallyContinue reading “Black Panther: A Spoiler Free Review”

Resources for the Beginning Movie Critic

I’ve only been at this film writing thing for about a year now, but even in so short of a time, I’ve learned a lot. I thought I’d share some of the resources I used over the year for inspiration and information. Better Living Through Criticism by A.O. Scott — This fantastic book by theContinue reading “Resources for the Beginning Movie Critic”


Well, Inception is amazing.  I think you all know that.  It’s got the odds in its favor right from the get go because of its ingenious premise.  A heist movie, where the prize is information, and the high security facility is a mans mind.  The way in: his dreams, the time when his mind wanders, and isn’tContinue reading “Inception”

The Prestige: Watchlist #11

Christpoher Nolan’s 2006 action movie transports viewers into the immersive world of Nineteenth century magic.  Not real magic mind you, these men and women are performers only, but the unravelling of their trickery is quite possibly more fascinating than the real thing.  This film teaches us to find the same thrill as the main charactersContinue reading “The Prestige: Watchlist #11”

Collateral — Watchlist #28

Number 28 on my watchlist is Collateral.  A 2004 film directed by Michael Mann, and starring Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx.  Collateral is a decent well made film about a taxi driver (Foxx) who is blackmailed by a passenger (Cruise) into driving him around Los Angeles in order for him to complete assasinations. This filmContinue reading “Collateral — Watchlist #28”