Flatfoot 56: Odd Boat

Flatfoot Is an Irish Punk band, from Chicago, Illinois.  Though they’ve been active since 2000, 2010’s Black Thorn was their first truly popular record; their breakout, if you will.  Flatfoot is known for a couple of things.  #1: Their brand of head thrashing, foot stomping, bagpipe laden punk; and #2: a signature positive message, offeringContinue reading “Flatfoot 56: Odd Boat”

Radiohead: The Bends versus A Moon Shaped Pool

In reaction to the overwhelmingly positive critical response to Radiohead’s latest release: A Moon Shaped Pool I decided to give it a listen.  While I appreciated its technical merit, and the effort that went into the creation of the music, I really didn’t enjoy it.  To my ears, each track was more like a soundscape thanContinue reading “Radiohead: The Bends versus A Moon Shaped Pool”

Stakhanovite: The Faculty of Plastic Sensation

You won’t hear Stakhanovite on the radio, or find it on itunes, but nonetheless, it sports all the punch of anything produced by a major record deal.  The Faculty of Plastic Sensation is a one-man project, written, played, and meticulously produced by just one guy; no one would know, save for the advertisement of theContinue reading “Stakhanovite: The Faculty of Plastic Sensation”

Colony House: Live at the U Street Music Hall

I first saw Colony House in the summer of 2015, Playing with Needtobreathe, and Switchfoot on their “Tour de Compadres”.  I didn’t really know anything about their music, or its quality, and I was fully prepared to endure twenty minutes of mediocrity before the main event. Out of nowhere, the band began playing; as people beganContinue reading “Colony House: Live at the U Street Music Hall”

Joe Bonamassa: Blues of Desperation Album Review

One of the more surprising Grammy snubs of 2017 is that of Joe Bonamassa.  Nominated for best traditional blues album, for Live at the Greek Theater Bonamassa ended up losing out to Bobby Rush.  Bonamassa has however, been voted Guitar World magazine’s best blues artist of 2016 for his latest album Blues of Desperation.  This is a prettyContinue reading “Joe Bonamassa: Blues of Desperation Album Review”

Hardwired…to Self Destruct: Metallica is Back!

When I was a kid, learning how to play guitar, I had trouble at first, mainly because I had nothing to practice.  When a ten year old wants to shred, and all they can play are three chords, and a disjointed couple of scales, there is very little to motivate them to keep at itContinue reading “Hardwired…to Self Destruct: Metallica is Back!”

Colony House: Only the Lonely

The Band Colony House is a unique outfit indeed.  Hailing from Franklin, Tennessee, the rock quartet is a hybrid of musical styles.  A symphonious Frankenstein’s monster, if you will.  Made up brothers Caleb and Will Chapman, (vocalist and drummer respectively) joined by Scott Mills (guitar), and Parke Cottrell (Bass), the group pays homage to theirContinue reading “Colony House: Only the Lonely”