Nelly’s Echo: Live at the Avenue

The website describes Nelly’s echo as “neither a band nor a solo musician, but a concept of the musical experience associated with its creator and led by guitarist and vocalist Nelson Emokpae”.  This is definitely evidenced by the band’s ever revolving lineup.  I’ve seen the band three times, and to the best of my knowledge it’s beenContinue reading “Nelly’s Echo: Live at the Avenue”

Profile: Jimmy Page

Few Guitarists have had an impact upon music as profound as Jimmy Page.  He has a propensity for riff driven rock, of which the influences can be heard as far and wide as Rage Against the Machine, to the revivalist blues of The Black Keys. It’s not the riffs that make his music great however,Continue reading “Profile: Jimmy Page”

Adam Harkus: This Is Who I am

Today I’d like to take some time away from established artists, and acknowledge the talents of an artist whose noteriety is still in bloom.  Adam Harkus, or “The Blogging Musician” as he is known on wordpress is a writer and musician whose popularity is constantly increasing.  Just recently he reached 1,000 total followers, and isContinue reading “Adam Harkus: This Is Who I am”

Remembering Chris Cornell

It’s really sad how standard the death of a beloved artist feels at this point.  Nonetheless, the sting of this loss is no less powerful.  Chris Cornell wasn’t the cultural icon that Prince was, but personally, this one feels worse.  Cornell is one of the few artists that, no matter what he did, I wasContinue reading “Remembering Chris Cornell”

Amon Amarth: Jomsviking

When I first began reviewing about half a year ago, I can honestly say that I never expected to review a band quite like Amon Amarth.  Their sound isn’t anything too atypicaal, and resembles that of most modern death metal outfits; with one  minor caveat, their songs are all about vikings.  Strange as this mayContinue reading “Amon Amarth: Jomsviking”

Gary Clark Jr. The Story of Sonny Boy Slim

Gary Clark Jr. has been one of my favorite guitarists for quite some time now.  I discovered his work very shortly after I had begun playing the guitar myself, and his bluesy shredding was something I aspired to.  Clark hails from Austin, Texas, and grew up playing Antoine’s as a regular gig, a club frequentedContinue reading “Gary Clark Jr. The Story of Sonny Boy Slim”

Artist Interview: Stakhanovite

What is your favorite song on the record? So, my favorite song, and seemingly everybody else’s, is Pressing Play I Agree Yeah, I don’t think I really expected that to be the clear favorite, but immediately, it was.  I’m Proud of that one.   What inspired you to do this album? Well, a couple of friends,Continue reading “Artist Interview: Stakhanovite”

Flatfoot 56: Live at the Ottobar

I recently had the opportunity to see Flatfoot 56 perform at Baltimore’s Ottobar.  What a show; before the band took the stage at 10:00, the audience was treated to performances by Last Call Hooligans, Dead End Lane, and Ninety-Six Ghosts.  While entertaining, the shows were fairly low energy; The floor was practically empty, and everyone was dortContinue reading “Flatfoot 56: Live at the Ottobar”