JPEGMAFIA’s Homecoming — is anything but a — Dissappointment

Baltimore Rapper JPEGMAFIA came on the scene back in 2016 touting a very specific sound. Full of clicks and beeps and fuzzy ambience, his debut Black Ben Carson is one of the most abrasive pieces of music I’ve ever heard. His 2018 album Veteran is no less brutal in its sonic assault. A 47 minuteContinue reading “JPEGMAFIA’s Homecoming — is anything but a — Dissappointment”

The TDE Championship Tour brings a new meaning to the phrase “Mixed Bag”

I first encountered Kendrick Lamar’s music when he participated in a remix of Imagine Dragons’ 2012 smash hit “Radioactive”.  I knew absolutely nothing about him, and since I was twelve years old, I definitely wasn’t allowed to listen to his breakout album Good Kid Mad City which was blowing up and propelling him to stardom.  HisContinue reading “The TDE Championship Tour brings a new meaning to the phrase “Mixed Bag””

Judah And The Lion, Colony House, and Tall Heights

A couple of weeks ago, I went to see one of my favorite bands: Colony House at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C.  They weren’t really headlining, Judah and the Lion was.  I had never really given their music much of a shot — I’d heard a few of their songs on the radio and it kindContinue reading “Judah And The Lion, Colony House, and Tall Heights”

Nelly’s Echo: Live at the Avenue

The website describes Nelly’s echo as “neither a band nor a solo musician, but a concept of the musical experience associated with its creator and led by guitarist and vocalist Nelson Emokpae”.  This is definitely evidenced by the band’s ever revolving lineup.  I’ve seen the band three times, and to the best of my knowledge it’s beenContinue reading “Nelly’s Echo: Live at the Avenue”

Flatfoot 56: Live at the Ottobar

I recently had the opportunity to see Flatfoot 56 perform at Baltimore’s Ottobar.  What a show; before the band took the stage at 10:00, the audience was treated to performances by Last Call Hooligans, Dead End Lane, and Ninety-Six Ghosts.  While entertaining, the shows were fairly low energy; The floor was practically empty, and everyone was dortContinue reading “Flatfoot 56: Live at the Ottobar”

Colony House: Live at the U Street Music Hall

I first saw Colony House in the summer of 2015, Playing with Needtobreathe, and Switchfoot on their “Tour de Compadres”.  I didn’t really know anything about their music, or its quality, and I was fully prepared to endure twenty minutes of mediocrity before the main event. Out of nowhere, the band began playing; as people beganContinue reading “Colony House: Live at the U Street Music Hall”