Christopher Nolan Continues to Blow Minds With Interstellar

Christopher Nolan did a great job directing it. He knew when to make the shots close and shaky, and when to make them wide and majestic. This unlike another movie that takes place in space that is comprised almost entirely of close and shaky shots, (ahem, Gravity, we’re looking at you). One particularly spectacular shotContinue reading “Christopher Nolan Continues to Blow Minds With Interstellar”

Return Of The Jedi: Classic Adventure

As a child, this was my favorite movie. As I’ve grown older, I now realize some of its flaws. The odd movements of stop motion AT-STs ans puppeteer operated Hutts are a bit disconcerting to look at, but nothing can take away from the thrill I still get inside every time I watch this movie.Continue reading “Return Of The Jedi: Classic Adventure”

Magnificent 7: An entertaining Homage to Westerns of the Past

This remake of a remake tells the time honored tale of a few brave men rising up to defend the weak and oppressed, and again shows us the conflict we’ve seen many times before, in which, the skilled few stand u to the oppressive many. The Magnificent 7 establishes its setting in perfect fashion, thrustingContinue reading “Magnificent 7: An entertaining Homage to Westerns of the Past”

Rogue One: A New Hope For the Star Wars Franchise

  Rogue One: a Star Wars Story is a movie far different that anything that has ever been released under the lucasfilm name. It is completely devoid of a crawl at the beginning for one thing; Instead it starts with a concussive sforzando of the score, and space flashes onto the screen, as if toContinue reading “Rogue One: A New Hope For the Star Wars Franchise”

Doctor Strange: A Triumph of Visual Style

I have never read a Doctor Strange comic. There, I said it. I am an enormous comic book fan, but I have never even deigned to pick up an issue. The reason being this; Strange has always been too well, strange for me. His immense, and undefinable power has never attracted my interest, and I’veContinue reading “Doctor Strange: A Triumph of Visual Style”

Batman VS. Superman is a thoughtful masterpiece cleverly disguised as a superhero flick.

BvS is a cinematic event that has accrued a rather large amount of speculation, mainly because the public doesn’t know what they’re getting. Is DC unveiling a new and dynamic media for their storytelling? Or are they merely playing catch-up to Marvel and their cinematic universe? Such is the question that crossed my mind enteringContinue reading “Batman VS. Superman is a thoughtful masterpiece cleverly disguised as a superhero flick.”

Spielberg proves his mastery of the director’s chair yet again with Bridge of Spies

Bridge of spies is not your typical movie, it almost seems like it would be boring, except it isn’t. This film is like a tree that you drive by on your way to work. Nothing special, quite ordinary; and then one day you see it from a different angle, and the way the dew glisteningContinue reading “Spielberg proves his mastery of the director’s chair yet again with Bridge of Spies”

Assassins Creed Falls Short of its Potential

Assassins creed is a pretty straightforward franchise. Its about historical conflicts, and cool dudes that run around taking out major targets whilst doing awesome parkour. I’m not a huge fan of the games (I’ve only ever played IV) but as someone who is into history, I was pretty stoked for this movie. On top ofContinue reading “Assassins Creed Falls Short of its Potential”