MCU Under Review: The Avengers

It was May Fourth, 2012.  I was sitting in my last mod class, watching the clock.  Avengers came out that day, so that’s what I was thinking about.  Suddenly the office secretary called me down to the office.  My dad picked me up early and we drove away from school.  I became suspicious, when we missedContinue reading “MCU Under Review: The Avengers”

The Cinematic Brilliance of Justin Kurzel’s Macbeth

Justin Kurzel’s name as of late, has become famous for all the wrong reasons.   Director of the egregious failure Assassins Creed, his most recent production and most promising so far.  Kurzel’s gathering of Marion Cotillard and Michael Fassbender got me excited, I knew they could do great work together.  Sadly, a generous critic would deemContinue reading “The Cinematic Brilliance of Justin Kurzel’s Macbeth”

MCU Under Review: Captain America

Captain America’s engaging heroism and world war two setting are brilliantly emphasized by a sense of noir that hangs over all the proceedings.  The icy lanscape of an arctic research base, the blue plasma blast of a tesseract powered weapon, and even Cap’s muddied uniform are all beautifully displayed with a dull, faded pallette.  This isContinue reading “MCU Under Review: Captain America”

Inside Llewyn Davis

This 2013 film directed by the Coen Brothers is a brilliant work of understated beauty.  True to its title takes us into the life of the eponymous character (Oscar Isaac) and his everyday struggle to eke out a livelihood in New York’s Grenwich Village. Our “Hero” begins the story by getting the pulp beaten outContinue reading “Inside Llewyn Davis”

John Wick

John Wick is a 2014 neo-noir vehicle directed by Chad Stahelski and David Leitch.  These two, though relatively unknown as directors have graced with their stunt work such movies as V for Vendetta, the Matrix, and the Hunger Games.  Together, they bring their mastery of action to the directors chair, with a stripped down, nearlyContinue reading “John Wick”