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MCU Under Review: Captain America

Captain America’s engaging heroism and world war two setting are brilliantly emphasized by a sense of noir that hangs over all the proceedings.  The icy lanscape of an arctic research base, the blue plasma blast of a tesseract powered weapon, and even Cap’s muddied uniform are all beautifully displayed with a dull, faded pallette.  This is an excellent touch.  A film that is essentially one long flashback shouldn’t feel like present day, and Captain America doesn’t.  The lens through which we see the movie makes it clear that we are in a different time period.

This film however, is by no means the best the franchise has to offer.  Granted, directors were still figuring out what they could do with this variety of cinema, but this movie does sport a number of issues.  Not flaws mind you, simply things that have been done much more effectively in movies that have come out after this one.  The score for example, doesn’t stick out at all.  It is suitable I suppose, with its booming fanfares, but it is the sort of thing that is cookie cutter for most superhero movies at this point.  There is also a montage of the war that gives us minute long snippets of battles without giving us context.  Resultantly, there are only two, maybe three really effective action sequences in this film, which, like it or not are the bedrock on which these movies are built.  Character development is nice but in the case of a superhero vehicle there has to be action to propel the picture along.

Nonetheless Captain America is a film to which we all owe a great debt.  Sure, Iron man had two movies that really showed the world the power of a superhero flick, and sure, Thor was the first interconnected origin story, but Captain America was the hammer that laid the final strike on the lock of the Pandora’s box, that exploded open releasing a universe’s worth of possibilities for superhero movies.

Plot: +1
Characters/Loyalty: +1
Score/soundtrack: 0
Cinematography: +1
Special Effects: 0
Action/tension: 0
Tone/Aesthetic: +1
Overall Enjoyment Factor: +2

Overall: 6/10

Captain America is still one of those film’s everyone should see.  They won’t be dissapointed.  They will onl notice how other films more effectively built on concepts introduced here.

MCU Under Review: Thor

Thor was the first Marvel Movie to really acknowledge that an extended universe was being created, and it did a great job at that.  Not only did it bring loads of comedy, and decent action to the table, but it differentiated Thor from other heroes by making him earn his power.  He begins the story as a naive hammer weilding rebellious child.  When his father rebukes him, and takes away his powers, he is sent to earth.

Watching Thor navigate earth for the first time is extremely comical, but seeing his story of redemption unfold is downright amazing.  When Thor finally learns to put others before himself, and regains his abilites, now worthy of his power, is one of my favorite Marvel Movie Moments; and it greatly enhances his character for the rest of the marvel timeline.

I’m not usually big on ratings, but I’m making an exception for this series.

Plot-+2: Pretty Self Explanatory
Characters/Loyalty-+1: Is the adaptation true to its source material?
Score/soundtrack-+1: Can I remember it a day after?
Special Effects-+1: For the time of release, as CGI gets better, older movies will start to look dated.
Overall Enjoyment Factor-+2

On what must be at least the third viewing, Thor still holds up as a great movie.  10/10 all the way.