Five Ghosts: The Haunting of Fabian Gray

Five Ghosts is one of the most derivatively original books I have ever read.  It boldly tears a page straight out of the 30s adventure story book, much like Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones.  the Story —  written by Frank Barbierre and illustrated by Chris Mooneyham — follow’s Fabian Gray, a treasure hunter who was notContinue reading “Five Ghosts: The Haunting of Fabian Gray”

Wolverine: Three Months to Die

Three Months to Die finds Wolverine dealing with the loss of what may be his most defining mutant ability, his healing factor.  Without it, he is just a man… with claws, and extreme strength, and heightened senses.  He isn’t exactly vulnerable, but similar to the blockbuster Logan he must deal with the idea of his own mortality.Continue reading “Wolverine: Three Months to Die”

Why I Won’t Watch Watchmen

The best books are the ones you remember finishing.  Not just the ending, but where you were when you finally got there.  I finished Watchmen in band class, in my freshman year of high school.  The teacher was working with another section or something, and with just a chapter or two left to go, IContinue reading “Why I Won’t Watch Watchmen”

Lando by Charles Soule (Marvel Comics)

Lando, by Charles Soule, (illustrated by Alex Maleev) is a much smaller story, compared with Marvel’s previous offerings.  It simply follows Lando, his friend Lobot, and several other companions on a heist job.  In many ways, this is the “star wars meets oceans 11” that Rogue One never was. Lando recruits Korin Pers, and aContinue reading “Lando by Charles Soule (Marvel Comics)”

V For Vendetta – Book/Movie Review

V for Vendetta is originally a 1989 Graphic Novel, by Alan Moore and David Lloyd published by Vertigo comics, a branch of DC.  In 2006 the now classic was made in to a movie starring Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving, with and awesome script penned by the Wachowskis to boot.  Both works are considerably fantasticContinue reading “V For Vendetta – Book/Movie Review”

Darth Vader: End of Games

It goes without saying by now that Marvel’s latest Star Wars Run is phenomenal, and will likely continue that way.  Darth Vader Vol. 4 shows Vader’s quest to discover the mysterious young pilot who destroyed the death star reaching a climax.  He searches the galaxy, kills a few unfortunate “lesser beings” and actually boards aContinue reading “Darth Vader: End of Games”

Obi-Wan and Anakin: Charles Soule is a Master of Foreshadowing

When I first found out that Marvel would be taking over Star Wars comics in the wake of the Lucasfilm purchase, I rejoiced.  I’ve always thought that though rendered non-canon, the Star Wars comics that Marvel did in the 1970s were immensely fascinating.  Sure, there were some bizarre story arcs -a very strange micronauts crossoverContinue reading “Obi-Wan and Anakin: Charles Soule is a Master of Foreshadowing”

Daytripper By Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba

“Sometimes we die to prove we lived” Daytripper is a comic book like no other.  I began reading it with little to no knowledge about the book’s premise and I struggled to grasp what was going on as I read it, and it wasn’t until I finished it that I truly understood what it wasContinue reading “Daytripper By Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba”