We’ve reached a weird point in Star Wars fandom.  Back in the 70s and 80s there were few popular franchises that received the amount of attention and mainstream exposure that the series did and as a result lots of then kids and teenagers grew to be adults in the 90s when the “extended universe” tookContinue reading “Solo”

Black Panther

Well the Jury is out on Black Panther, Ryan Coogler’s third major motion picture, and arguably his best; inarguably  his most accessible.  If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve seen it at least once, but if the box office is any indicator, you may have seen it twice.  This film is currently the 86th bestContinue reading “Black Panther”

Justice League

I had high hopes for Justice League.  Trailers sporting Bowie and Beatles covers promised a fun comic book film with a strong sense of style.  I fully believed this; in my opinion, Zack Snyder is one of the most stylish directors alive.  Unfortunately, the trailers were wrong… because that’s never ever happened before. What’s good about thisContinue reading “Justice League”

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Matthew Vaughn’s Sophomore effort with the Kingsman franchise has some enormous shoes to fill, and before I even saw the movie I had a feeling that It would come up short.  Such is a fact of life.  Sequels either blow expectations out of the water because people expect a milquetoast repetition of the last film’sContinue reading “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”