Critical Optimist Presents…Industry Herb!

I’ve been doing Critical Optimist for a couple years now and I’ve loved it every step of the way, don’t get me wrong. It does get lonely though. That’s why my collaborator Laney Kuczmynda and I are launching Industry Herb. A podcast about the inside trends and goings on in today’s entertainment industry. Our desire to do this was borne out of a longing for those once-in-a-lifetime, lightning-in-a-bottle moments of debate and discussion that can only come about when you put a couple people in a room and have ’em bounce different ideas off of one another. Writing criticism is my passion, but I’ve gotta admit, it tends not to produce these moments.

We’ve released two episodes so far, one about our top albums of the year so far, and one about the new Tarantino flick, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Ride along as we analyze the world of entertainment, talking to new people and collaborators along the way. You can find us on google podcasts, breaker, pocket casts, radio public, or apple podcasts.

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