U2 — The Experience Tour

The day before the concert, when I saw our nosebleed seats for the U2 experience tour (a finale of sorts to their last two tours, the Innocence Tour, and The Joshua Tree Tour.  I figured the experience wouldn’t  be as good from our vantage point. But know this. Concerts aren’t designed to be predictable. That night, when 8:30 finally arrived, we got much more than predictability. Instead, we got a masterpiece of sight and sound. U2 played beautifully, and chose songs in a sequence revolving around around several major themes.

I’ll name two: America, and Greed. Using songs like “Sunday bloody Sunday”, and “American soul”, U2 was able to create a sort of lyrical weapon. Getting their point across beautifully; America is not protecting it’s people; It is corrupt; The system is broken; Make America a better place.

The second theme, greed, was was communicated through and revolved around songs like “Desire”, and staring at the sun. By using a face filter, Bono disguised himself as Mister Macphisto, representing the devil — alluring us to fame, and other mere earthly, and material substances — saying things like,”I just love it when people use the bible to justify anything they want!”, before launching into a chilling rendition of “Acrobat” the devilish figure onscreen cackling wildly.  When wearing  Macphisto’s tophat, he communicated this message, while at the same time, incorporating the hits every U2 fan loves into the show.

Bono also proclaims how fame threw him off track, and he had to fight off it’s infamous side affects, Using songs like “Vertigo”. With the engaging messages, and the marvelous array of instruments, I almost forgot it was 12:00. U2 ended with some of their best songs, like “One”, and “City of Blinding Lights”.  With a dynamic stage, an engaging screen, and a circular on the other side of the show, U2 turned our seats into a sight and sound throne of sorts, fit for watching only the best show. That show of course was, The ultimate U2 experience.

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