Black Panther: A Spoiler Free Review

Hi, Ned here.  I’ve been trying to get Lee, my younger brother to write something on the site for quite some time now, and Black Panther seemed like the perfect place to start.  Enjoy his review!

Lately, I have been reading the Black Panther comics. So, naturally, like plenty of other  people I was really excited for the movie, but as I walked into the dim light of the theater I had no idea what was about to happen to me once the screen burst to life.  I was expecting something similar to what we normally get from Marvel movies: a simple plot revolving around a power-hungry villain thirsty for power the hero must fight for the fate of the world.  Instead, I discovered something very different.  Marvel had unearthed the conflict of the Black Panther.

The mighty Black Panther must fight to support his secretly technologically advanced  nation, while at the same time fight for his life.  T’Challa has to literally struggle  to stay on the throne as the villain of the film, Killmonger, battles him for reign over Wakanda. A king one day, and a warrior the next, he remains locked in an electrifying tangle with Eric Killmonger.

From old Wakandan artifacts to shots of Killmonger on the throne representing how the tables are turned, the visual symbolism in this film is titanic.  Consistent flash-back reminders that mistakes made in the past shouldn’t define the individual, as well as strong bonds between characters like the fresh ancestral fatherhood examples, all enhance the viewing experience.  The emotional as well as visual representations in this movie are golden and explosive. This film was incredible and you should give it the chance I did, I definitely enjoyed it.

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