Sing Street: Watchlist #64

Sing Street is a movie that was released April 15th 2016, and was seemingly a calculated under-the-radar release.  No trailers, barely a promotional poster, and an extremely small window of time spent in theater, brought this movie (unsurprisingly) a small profit at the box office.  Why was this? Your guess is as good as mine.  Regardless of profit though, sing street is cinematic gold, and its soundtrack would be great even if there was no film to accompany it.

Sing Street tells the story of a young man named Cosmo, who doesn’t exactly fit into the mold of traditional Irish masculinity.  Placed in a catholic boarding school at the beginning of the movie, he is alienated by the unfamiliar surroundings.  When he sees a beautiful girl across the street, he ventures over and talks to her.  Her name is Raphina, and she is a model.  Would she like to be in one of his videos? he inquires.  She answers yes.  Cosmo crosses the street to his waiting friend and says, “we need to start a band”.

Cosmo gathers up a couple of lads from around the neighborhood known for their musical abilities.  They form an uneasy but considerably effective musical coalition.  They mostly make music based on Cosmo’s influences, starting out with Duran Duran inspired “The Riddle of the Model”, and ending the movie with the Punk Rock angst filled “Brown Shoes”.  The songs played throughout the film are excellently tied with the story’s progression.  They chronicle his infatuation, and then love with Raphina, as well as his eventual transcendence of his humble beginnings, and transformation into a truly great musician.

The end of the movie is perfect.  I do not use this word lightly.  Finally reunited, Cosmo and Raphina realize the futility of pursuing their dreams in Ireland.  With nothing left for him in their home country, the lovers take to the sea, sailing into the future in the dinky little family boat.  They are dashed about and sprayed by the sea, and a barge passes by, absolutely dwarfing them.  They are small and insignificant in the ocean, just as they are small and insignifigant in the grand scheme of things, but nonetheless, they face what is coming head on.  They have each other, and their passion; this is all they need.

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