Collateral — Watchlist #28

Number 28 on my watchlist is Collateral.  A 2004 film directed by Michael Mann, and starring Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx.  Collateral is a decent well made film about a taxi driver (Foxx) who is blackmailed by a passenger (Cruise) into driving him around Los Angeles in order for him to complete assasinations.

This film made my list because of the various reccomendations I have recieved, and unfortunately, I was rather underwhelmed.  Understand, this is a competently produced film; as a matter of fact, It may even be flawless.  The editing, cinematography, and music/soundtrack, are perfect as far as I am concerned, and the film’s star-studded cast performs well as most of these actors do regularly.

Sadly, I got very little from this movie; while Mann has done his job wonderfully well, It comes down to the fact that I am not a huge fan of the action thriller genre in general.  I like a film to stand out, and show me what I’ve never seen before.  Collateral does little of such a thing, opting rather, to do what has been done before to a degree that has yet to be reached.  My feelings after this movie mirror my reactions to major  baseball game results.  I don’t particularly gove a hoot about professional baseball to begin with, so an upset victory means next to nothing to myself.  Movies about car chases, and gunfights,  (which Collateral is, at barest bones) don’t particulalry appeal to me, unless something is done to make them better, or more wide ranging.

In short, I didn’t particularly enjoy Collateral, but such is only because of personal bias.  This is still a well made movie.  Watch it, Maybe you’ll see its beauty like I could not; maybe you’ll like it!

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