Injustice 2

In a world full of games that are created almost solely for  online multiplayer, “Injustice 2” is a breath of fresh air.  Though it features an online mode, it also allows play with the person across the couch, which is something that most games seem to have forgotten about.

Injustice 2 is a pretty basic surface level fighting game with a variety of characters and locations, but extra care has been taken to make this a particularly fluid and fast paced combat experience.  Certainly, it takes some practice to string hit combos and meter-burning moves together, but after very little time spent, the controls begin to feel very natural.  Each level has different inanimate objects to interact with (boxes,  bombs, a crocodile in one level, etc..) and pushing your opponent to the edge of the room allows you to literally knock them into a new location, adding a cinematic touch, and a sense of epic scale to the proceedings.

Taking and dealing damage fills a meter at the bottom of the screen which can be used for powerful meter-burn attacks, but if saved grants the ability to unleash a devastating special attack on the enemy.  These are engaging and insanely brutal assaults upon the enemy that are nearly impossible to defend against.  The beautiful thing about these: they are perfectly choreographed to — though breaking multiple rules of logic in the process — sum up the character’s personality in four or five hits, even one of which would be lethal if true physical laws were considered.  Joker sits his foe down in an electric chair, and smashes their head to the side with his crowbar, Damian Wayne’s Robin slashes the opponent with his sword before further impaling them with a flurry of shrukiens, and Batman unleashes a series of technologically augmented attacks that culminate in blasting the foe with a hail of fire from the batwing (which only fires rubber bullets of course).

There is not a lazily finished aspect to this game.  The environments, characters, and cut scenes are all exquisitely rendered.  Every character looks great, with inspirations hailing from DC movies that have been released since the last game, comic attire, and a “slightly-more-armored” motif which seems to be unique to this game’s aesthetic.  There is a complicated and immersive online system with various guilds and endless unlockable gear that actually boosts character statistics.

Then there is the campaign, which may be the best instance ever of this many DC hero’s all woven together.  Not only does it succeed on merit of combining nearly half of the populars in the DCU, but it is an actually compelling, and more importantly cohesive story that will please all but the staunchest lover of marvel.  The story mode often provides options before a fight as well, which solves the old problem of becoming stuck with a character that you simply do not play well as.

This video, recorded  by myself if a pretty good example of the manic excellence you are in for, should you try this game.

All in all, Injustice 2 synthesized what was great about its predecessor, as well as learning from the few problems that existed in the original.  If you are a fan of superhero games, fighting games, or just something you and a friend can play in your living room, check this game out!


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