Florence Foster Jenkins

Florence Foster Jenkins is the story of “The world’s worst opera singer” who’s name the title bears.  Meryl Streep’s Jenkins is a passionate patron of the arts who begins to perform concerts herself.  The only problem is that she has a terrible voice.  From the moment she first sings in front of a crowd, she is the laughingstock of the audience.  Knowing how it would crush her if she discovered this, her husband, St. Clair Bayfield (played by Hugh Grant) keeps this under wraps, even going so far as to buy an entire stock of newspapers from a stand.

The  movie features little out of the ordinary in terms of direction, save for some standout performances from Streep, Grant, and surprisingly Simon Helberg as well;  We all know the former two can make eating corn flakes look interesting — who knew the guy from The Big Bang Theory could act?  Nonetheless it is largely free from any offending elements either.  Don’t Seek Florence Foster Jenkins out or buy it on DvD (as if people still do that) but should you happen upon a chance to watch it, don’t turn it down either.

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