Amon Amarth: Jomsviking

When I first began reviewing about half a year ago, I can honestly say that I never expected to review a band quite like Amon Amarth.  Their sound isn’t anything too atypicaal, and resembles that of most modern death metal outfits; with one  minor caveat, their songs are all about vikings.  Strange as this may be, it gives way to some epic lyrics.

First cut
Blood is shed
Snow turns red

I’ve struck fear in their hearts
Now let the slaughter start

This is my sword
We are one in the same
My enemies’ woe
Vengeance the name
This is my sword
The dealer of pain
Death of my foe
Vengeance the Game

Coupled with Johan Hegg’s gravelly roar, thumping drums, and crunching guitars, Jomsviking is a concentrated dose of musical adrenaline.  Ragnarock on!


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