Wolverine: Three Months to Die

Three Months to Die finds Wolverine dealing with the loss of what may be his most defining mutant ability, his healing factor.  Without it, he is just a man… with claws, and extreme strength, and heightened senses.  He isn’t exactly vulnerable, but similar to the blockbuster Logan he must deal with the idea of his own mortality.  In a way he almost wants to die, and be freed from the cycle of death that his life is, but for other reasons, he sees the importance of continuing to live, and work with the avengers.

I picked this book up because, as the title indicates, it is a first volume.  Despite this, a lot of what was going on was new to me, and I didnt really get acquainted to the story until maybe the third of the seven issues chronicled in this volume.  It is however extremely appealing art; Ryan Stegman, and Gerardo Sandoval bring an excellent blend of cartoonesque surrealism, and gritty reality.

This is an interesting story, once one finally understands it.  Logan goes undercover in a team of new mutants, and pretends to have left his old life as an avenger behind.  Soon, however, his true intentions come to light.  Logan means to find, and kill or be killed by his nemesis, Sabertooth.  This book is a tale of intensity, and intrigue, that offers forceful action, and delves into the nature of Wolverine’s newfound perishability.

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