Artist Interview: Stakhanovite

What is your favorite song on the record?

So, my favorite song, and seemingly everybody else’s, is Pressing Play

I Agree

Yeah, I don’t think I really expected that to be the clear favorite, but immediately, it was.  I’m Proud of that one.


What inspired you to do this album?

Well, a couple of friends, were running a local, [showcase on] ‘Artists in Savannah’, for the month of either April or May, and they had  a young artists feature, and they asked me if I wanted to be part of it, so I started working on a song, and I cleaned it up, and I sent that in to them and It got a generally good response.  That was, “I Hope You’re Right”.  It was quite a different song than what it ended up as.  It was, for all intents and purposes, still a demo.  After that, I realized “maybe I could actually do something with this”.  I had been doing it, just for fun initially, and I definitely enjoyed it, so I started making more stuff, until eventually it all started coming together and I knew, I could very feasibly have an album here.

What bands were your inspiration while working on this album?

The only things I could think of stylistically were The Black Keys and Coldplay, and I know it doesn’t sound like Coldplay at all.  And I know it doesn’t really sound like The Black Keys at all.  I don’t think you get a lot of “Power Pop” anymore, like Cheap Trick; that sort of thing.  You know, rock songs that would get played on the radio.  Actually, Kaiser Chiefs might be the best description, in terms of fitting into that caveat.  Well, Kaiser Chiefs except for their latest album, which is basically straight pop.  It’s not…good.  Hit me, was actually Me, trying to write a Franz Ferdinand song.

The album’s title: The Faculty of Plastic Sensation is very intriguing.  What’s the back story behind that?  

Well, first of all, it sounds cool.  Secondly, that came from a latin teacher of mine actually, talking about ancient Greek and Roman sculpture etcetera, if it’s done right, you should be able to sort of identify with it, and feel the struggle its going through, the sensation.  The plastic sensation is being able to feel it, so the Faculty of Plastic Sensation is being able to feel what a statue is going through.  Its kind of far-fetched in meaning, but I understand the sentiment, and more than anything, I think it sounds very cool.

Do you see your own work as a parallel to that? In that listeners are able to identify with it, and understand what the singer is feeling?  

[Laughs] Nothing that deep, no need to over analyze here.  I feel like the same sort of thing happens with literature a lot. I really don’t think that Ernest Hemingway put that much thought into it; I don’t think Hemingway was that kind of guy.  But yeah, it sounded cool, but the sentiment behind it has no real connection.


So, what’s next for Stakhanovite?

I actually started working on the second album, before the first came out.  We were well underway a while ago, and I’ve got a couple of things going right now, but I think there very definitely will be a new album in the next year.








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