Flatfoot 56: Odd Boat

Flatfoot Is an Irish Punk band, from Chicago, Illinois.  Though they’ve been active since 2000, 2010’s Black Thorn was their first truly popular record; their breakout, if you will.  Flatfoot is known for a couple of things.  #1: Their brand of head thrashing, foot stomping, bagpipe laden punk; and #2: a signature positive message, offering positive outlooks on life, faith and brotherhood.  Both of these things are featured in the band’s latest release, Odd Boat aplenty.

Track one: Ty Cobb is about, well, Ty Cobb, legendary baseball player.  Why they choose to focus on this, is beyond me, but it sure does make for an excellent opening number.  Flatfoot’s songwriting is a bit like a blunderbuss, firing a powerful shot, no matter what is placed in the barrell.  Bagpipes and guitars do what they do best, and when Tobin Balwinkel’s gruff but melodic voice is thrown into the equation the natural response in to jump about mosh pit style, which depending on location may not be the best idea.  This isn’t a song — or album for that matter — to listen to at work.

Track 10: P.S. is a bit more traditionally punk.  A steady drumbeat, and rapid guitar dtrumming keep this one trucking along at breakneck pace.  The lead guitar adds a lot to the song by picking along, harmoniously hitting the same note over and over, adding a nice layer of trebley backround to an otherwise lower pitched song.

Flatfoot’s music isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea.  Most will probably hear the same thing in ever song.  A lot of noise, and a guy with a harsh voice singing along.  For those who appreciate this genre however, Odd Boat is as adrenaline filled as ever, just the way a punk listener likes it.  Besides, how many bands these days use bagpipes regularly; that in itself is a reason to give Odd Boat a listen.


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