Stakhanovite: The Faculty of Plastic Sensation


You won’t hear Stakhanovite on the radio, or find it on itunes, but nonetheless, it sports all the punch of anything produced by a major record deal.  The Faculty of Plastic Sensation is a one-man project, written, played, and meticulously produced by just one guy; no one would know, save for the advertisement of the fact on the artist’s page on

Punk rock opener “I Hope You’re Right” gets the head nodding, with tough sounding power chords and a steady beat, and is followed by “Distance” which sounds like an 80s hit that, never played in its native era, has finally surfaced, with its layered harmonies and monotone vocals.

“Pressing Play” arguably the records best song, is fairly modern sounding, featuring a heavy synthesizer backround and drum machine backbeat.  Its one of those rare songs that feels like something you’ve known your whole life; its catchy chorus is still lodged in my head, despite all my efforts to remedy this.

If there is a drawback to “The Faculty of Plastic Sensation” it is that the shredding that is present on two or three tracks, “I Hope You’re Right”, and “Hit Me” most notably, is not presented to the extent that I would like.  The few times Stakhanovite really lets loose on the fretboard are glorious, but sparing in number.  In other words, I just want more.

The Faculty of Plastic Sensation is a work that wears its influences on its sleeve, but is extremely complex nonetheless. Stakhanovite channels 90s grunge (a la stone temple pilots) on “Remember”  It is such a diverse record to attempt a description of, that my words will never really suffice.  Any lover of music owes it to themselves to check it out.  Listen to the album here.


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