My Watchlist

Lists are a powerful thing.  They can be used to rank and categorize, or in the case of a newcomer to the world of intellectual cinema, as a guide.  These are the 75 films That I am making it my goal to watch in the year 2017.  All of them have been acclaimed in some way for something that has been deemed beneficial to the advancement of cinema.  So…without further ado:

  1. Minority Report
  2.  Memento
  3.  Dead Poets Society
  4.  The Good The Bad and the Ugly
  5.  The Sixth Sense
  6.  Fistful of Dollars
  7.  The Sting
  8. The Godfather
  9. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  10.  The Departed
  11.  The Prestige
  12.  The Imitation Game
  13.  The Great Dictator
  14.  Birdman
  15.  The King’s Speech
  16.  Casablanca
  17.  The Bourne Supremacy
  18. The Bourne Ultimatum
  19. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
  20.  Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  21.  Amadeus
  22.  Dr. Strangelove
  23.  Inception
  24.  Prisoners
  25.  Cache (Hidden)
  26.  Bridge on the River Kwai
  27.  Alien
  28.  Collateral
  29.  The Last Samurai
  30.  The Maltese Falcon
  31.  The Great Escape
  32.  Citizen Kane
  33.  One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  34.  Signs
  35.  The Grand Budapest Hotel
  36.  Twelve Years a Slave
  37.  Blade Runner
  38.  Apacolypse Now
  39.  League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  40.  Argo
  41.  The Raid
  42.  True Grit
  43.  Batman Vs. Superman 
  44.  The Legend of Tarzan
  45.  Training Day
  46.  Shattered Glass
  47.  Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead
  48.  The Killing
  49.  Ace in the Hole
  50.  Sullivan’s Travels
  51.  O Brother Where Art Thou
  52.  The Player
  53.  Payback
  54.  Blackhawk Down
  55.  Se7en
  56.  Seven Samurai
  57.  Lawrence of Arabia
  58.  The Third Man
  59.  The Walk
  60.  Children of Men
  61.  There Will Be Blood
  62.  Dazed and Confused
  63.  Hell or Highwater
  64.  Sing Street
  65. Hacksaw Ridge
  66.  The Nice Guys
  67.  Moana
  68.  Kubo and the Two Strings
  69.  Deepwater Horizon
  70.  Arrival
  71.  Speed
  72.  Don Juan Demarco
  73.  La La Land
  74.  American Sniper
  75.  Once Upon a Time in the West


  1. I just watched Sing Street a few weeks ago, it was great from the music to cinematography. I only made it thirty minutes into The Grand Budapest Hotel. I love Wes Anderson for his visual appeal but his stories aren’t my favorite. The Imitation Game is one of my favorites, would definitely recommend it. I’ll have to check some of these other titles out:)


  2. There are a lot of good movies on this list, a couople of which I found to be the better films of 2016 (“Hacksaw Ridge”, “Arrival”, “La La Land”, “Hell Or High Water”, “The Nice Guys”), but also movies like “Birdman”, “Blade Runner”, “Children of Men”… are very good. I look forward to reading your reviews of those films!

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  3. You have an awesome list…wow! Don’t wait too long for “Once Upon a Time in the West”…it is excellent. Just be patient and savour the wonderful opening at the station. Ooh, The Sting is brilliant. So is Memento, and The Good The Bad and…and…and….and…oh, that whole list is just brilliant! You’re going to have some great watching! Which True Grit are you aiming for?

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