Spielberg proves his mastery of the director’s chair yet again with Bridge of Spies

Bridge of spies is not your typical movie, it almost seems like it would be boring, except it isn’t. This film is like a tree that you drive by on your way to work. Nothing special, quite ordinary; and then one day you see it from a different angle, and the way the dew glistening off of its leaves catches the sunlight just takes your breath away.

As I mentioned before, Bridge of Spies is different, it doesn’t have a particularly memorable score, or poetic dialogue, every character is portrayed as a “regular guy/gal”. The credit must go to the Coen brothers here. The actors lines, particularly the exchanges between Hanks’ and Rylance’s characters are stirring in their simplicity. The story unfolds similarly, everything sort of just happens, and at the end, it all fits together perfectly.

Nobody knows, what makes Spielberg so great, is it his groundbreaking camera work? or perhaps his implementation of cutting edge visual effects? In my humble opinion it is his enigmatic ability to take what would likely be dull and uninteresting in the hands of any other director, and turn it into a thing of wonder. This movie plays out naturally, with moments of subtle heroism, and true human emotion, it is so very downplayed, that one simply cannot pull their eyes away. Bridge of Spies is truly an organic wonder.

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