Battlefield 1: The Change of Pace the Gaming World Has Been Waiting For

Battlefield one is the excellent counter to Call of Duty’s infinite warfare, and a perfect answer to the longing of many gamers (myself included) to play a shooter that doesn’t cast them as a barely human cyborg, powered by cybernetic implants. It is the difficulty of BF1 that makes it so compelling. It is incredibly inconvenient every time you reload your weapon, and your character takes 30 seconds or so to do it, but at the same time, a little grin creeps on to my face each time it happens. Health is hard to regain, unless you have a medkit, and it is not uncommon to be unable to ADS because of the gasmask on your face, protecting you from a deadly cloud of mustard gas. It’s these little details, that make this game so compelling.
The story is incredibly powerful as well. From the opening sequence where you play as about 5 different characters, all of whom inevitably perish, the game powerfully conveys the hopelessness of a war where battlefield tactics had yet to catch up to the death dealing technologies of the period. The Short anthology type stories do a great job of highlighting specific aspects of the war. These stories are extremely moving, as they manage to connect you to the characters and create meaningful development over the course of only three or four levels.
BF1 also features an immensely fun multiplayer. The most enjoyable aspect of which is the new operations feature; a bit of a cross between domination, and rush, with the large scale chaos of conquest. One match will take about 3 rounds, and sometimes moves to a different map. Usually at least once in a course of a match, one side is reinforced by a zeppelin, train, or dreadnought battleship. The scope of the matches is monstrous. Each time you spawn in, the camera zooms into a spot on the map, speaking to how small, helpless, and inconsequential each soldier must have felt; especially when there are things like Zeppelins looming in the sky, raining death on all who dare to venture underneath.
Whether you are a hardcore fps gamer, or someone who is interested in history, and compelling heroism, Bf1 is a mightily entertaining experience.

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